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Weird Fuck Machines



Gone are the days when you hooked up a dildo to a small electric motor in your garage and built yourself a homemade sex machine for your wife or girlfriend.  Although that is still possible with a little know how, it will never compare to the fuck machines on the market today.  Some of these machines look downright scary, mimicking at wood splitter more than a fuck machine.  Just the same, wouldn't you love to have one.

Mini Stallion Fucking Machine (buy)

Mini Stallion Fucking Machine

Don't let the looks of this fuck machine scare you.  This is the miniature version of a much bigger fuck machine.  Just the same it does look very industrialized.  The Stallion strokes two inches to five inches and top speed is 180 strokes a minute.  Damn, you could use this fuck machine to pump water up to top of the Empire State Building. 

The Love Machine (buy)

The Love Machine

This is one of the most popular fucking machines and sells quite well.  The price is right and does all that you really need.  The great thing about this fuck machine is you get to sit right on top of it while your pussy or ass gets all the pleasure.  It even comes with a hand rail in case things really get radical

The Power Box Fuck Machine (buy)

The Power Box Fuck Machine

What a great idea, put a fuck machine in a tool box.  You can grab your fuck machine, throw it in the back of your pick up truck and head over to your girlfriends and give her the bang of her life.  Great promo on this one, here's what they say. "We think of it as putting a V8 engine into a sub compact car"  Maybe that's why it looks like a tool box.

The Drilldo Fucking Kit (buy)

The Drilldo Fucking Kit

As long as we are on the subject of tools, isn't this quite an invention.  Well not really, you could probably build this in your shop quite easily.  Why go to all the trouble though?  Not a bad price for the whole kit and kaboodle.  Kind of a poor man's fuck machine.  Now there is one we can afford.

You can find a whole bunch of these fucking machines in our store here.


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