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The Amputee

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Starring: Pedro (II), Anna Martinez, Tenesha Davis, Donna Jenkins, Lori Stewart

In the video, the guy, whose name is Pedro, has one leg amputated. Having only one leg just does not slow this fellow down, although we are thinking all that standing on one leg has got to be tiresome. Donít feel to sorry for Pedro though, he is getting more tail than average and the women are loving it. What do they love about this amputee. Why, it is probably is that eleven inch cock he is sporting and does he ever know how to please the ladies.

I Like Sex Very Much

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Starring: Mary, Boyfriend

This video is true blue amateur, with a female amputee getting serviced by her boyfriend. Mary loves playing with herself on camera by stroking her nipples and playing with her pussy. Dildos seem to rank up there as one of her favorite things to have in her pussy all the while she plays with her stump. She is a true amputee porn star and knows how to give a blow job that not many could match. These two amateurs are wearing masks to conceal their identity but this porn still works great.

Massage with a Stump

Starring: Rosemary, Boyfriend


Another very amateur amputee video, this time with a woman, named Rosemary, who has part of her arm missing. Both participants are masked in this video. Rosemary is a BBW with big tits who loves sex. Her boyfriend really seems to love eating off those large tits as the whipped cream he puts on her is gone in no time. She really uses her arm stump in all sex acts including giving head and and intercourse.