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Mr. Limpy Mocha (buy)

Mr. Limpy Mocha

Isn't this what you always needed, a limp cock?  Like there isn't enough of them out there.  Anyway, this limp cock dildo won't do much for you, pleasure wise but is a great conversation piece.  You could even name it, say, after your ex-husband?

Clone a Willy Dildo Kit Glow in the Dark (buy)

Ok, your going on a business trip and you want your wife or girlfriend to be happy.  Why not make a copy of your cock for her to play with while you are gone.  Might save the trouble of her looking for a replacement while you are gone.  In Lady Cantender's case, she would rather clone Peter North's dick, but you may have a different opinion.  The clone a willie kit make a exact replica of the man's cock and is non toxic

The Double Fister (buy)

The Double Fister

Not much to say about this one.  If you loved "The Fist" by all accounts you should love this one twice as much.


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