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Last Longer During Sex

I have been trying to find a way to make my husband last longer. Any suggestions.    


Premature ejaculation or can be a real problem especially in young men.  The good news is that as young men mature so does the length of time they can last. 

However, you did not say that your husband ejaculates prematurely, you would just like him to last longer.  The normal time for men, from penetration to ejaculation, is 2-3 minutes.  For most men (and women) this is just not enough, especially considering it takes women about 15 minutes of intercourse to orgasm. 

In the mean time though, there are a few things that help your husband along. 

  • Have him masturbate about an hour before you make love, this should help him prolong his lovemaking.  Sometimes couples are very shy about letting the other know that they are masturbating, but this can be very fun and healthy for your relationship.  You can even help him out with a hand job or oral sex to get that first orgasm out of the way.  Some men find it tough to get going again after ejaculating but with a little help and encouragement from you, he should be up and running in no time. 

  • Have your husband train his penis. Sound weird?  Maybe, but it does work although it takes some time to accomplish. You can either do this together or your husband can do it while masturbating.  It is called the stop and start method.  Whenever you husband gets close to ejaculation, stop, or stop and squeeze the penis, wait for a spell and then go back to masturbating again.  He can do this a number of times each time he masturbates and he will start to feel in control.  He can also learn to control ejaculation with his muscles, which is the same muscle he would use to stop taking a pee in mid stream.  After a while you can try this method while having intercourse, with him pulling out and having just a little break to take the heat off and then going some more.  Be aware though, that it can take a few months to really learn control using this method.  This web has some really great info on this method.  White Lotus East

  • Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.  While foreplay is not going to help your husband at all, it will help you out.  Prolonging foreplay will give you so much more pleasure and your husband will get so much more out of it just knowing he is pleasing you. 

  • Try some different positions.  Lay you husband on his back and you go ahead and climb on top.  In this position you will have complete control.  You can go faster or slower with your husband giving you guidance of course.  When he feels he is getting close to ejaculating you can stop and just enjoy each other for a couple of minutes until he regains control.  Practice, practice, practice.

control ejaculation with woman on top position

  • Use condoms.  Condoms will dull the sensation somewhat.

Some Solutions for prolonging sex from the store

  • Desensitizing Creams  We sell a few different creams that numbs the penis.  With these creams you husband will not feel as much of the sensations and should help him last longer.

  • Penis Extensions  Slip on penis extension are a great way to last longer and you will get to enjoy and extra 1.5" to 3" or more.  The problem for you husband is that he will receive no sensations at all because his penis is covered completely.  Why not use a penis extension and then when you are close to being satisfied, he can throw the penis extension to the wayside.