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Menís Nipples and Sex

As most women will tell you, men have only one thing in mind when you mention their sex organs and that is their dick. If only they would take the time to figure out that there is many very sensitive parts to their body, just as a woman has many erotic and sensitive areas.

If you mention nipples to a man, the first thing that comes to mind is a womanís nipples, never even thinking that their own nipples could be a real source of erotic play for them. Little do they know, that a manís nipples can be just a sensitive as a womanís.

Ladies, it just may be up to you to bring the manís nipples to his attention. You may find a little foreplay that includes the manís nipples will have him screaming for more.

Here is some ideas.

While giving him head, wet your fingers and use little circular motions around his nipples. You may even want to test the waters with a little pinching and pulling on the nipples especially if he is getting really excited.

Suck on his nipples while you are giving him a hand job. Use your tongue to do circular motions and move on to sucking and maybe even a little biting. If you really get brave, tell him to stroke himself while you really concentrate on his nipples.

While having intercourse, with you on top of course, play with his nipples, pinching and pulling. Even better, see if you can manoeuvre your mouth to his nipples while you are riding him. You may find that as he gets closer to climax, he may like it a little rougher, by really biting and hard pinching of his nipples.

A little experimentation can really be fun.