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How to Give a Hand Job

Free "how to" Hand Job Video

Giving a hand job is always thought of as second rate sex, but going about it the right way can make that old hand job a very exciting part of your sex play.  The reason hand jobs are thought of as second rate may come from your younger days, when you were out with a girl, trying to get laid, and all you got was a hand job.  The next day around all your buddies, you may have told a different story, but just the same, it was a sexual experience. 

Hand Jobs are Just Plain Handy

When you really think about it, hand jobs can be done just about anywhere, with a minimum of cover.  Just think of the possibilities. 

Out on the Town

You are out to that little hideaway, be it a bar or restaurant, you can very easily get your partner to slide their hand down under the table and there you have it, instant gratification.  How about out on the dance floor, of course making sure it is real crowded, a little pump can be the best foreplay you can have. 

Riding the Bus or Take a Plane

Although this can be a little dangerous if you have somebody sitting close, just think of the excitement that you can stir up.  Even some quick little strokes here and there under the cover of a jacket or blanket will make those hormones wake up and do the jig. 

At Work

Although getting fired is a good possibility if you get caught, how much more exciting can it get.  That quick hand job in the photocopy room can really perk up your day.  Of course chances are that the person at work that is willing to do this, is probably not your partner, so this can also be very dangerous to your well being, physically and financially.

In the Bedroom

Last but not at all least.  A nice long, teasing type hand job in the bedroom can be a very highly charged rendezvous.   Of course, like anything, practice make perfect.  Ask your partner what feels good and what feels, well, through the roof. 

Now, to the inexperienced, a hand job may sound real easy to execute.  Well, that just is not the case, a perfect hand job should be considered an art.  If you just jump in and start stroking the manís penis like a penis pump gone mad, your man may find hand jobs just not that exciting. 

Want to make that hand job a bit more exciting?  Use your imagination, bring on the extras like feathers, vibrators, anal beads and of course lots of lube.  Also, since men are so visual, donít forget to have your breast hanging our in the open for him to admire.  Having that new porn video playing can really help thing out too. 

Start out very slow, teasing every inch of his genitals, penis, testicles, thighs and stomach.  This works even better with a whole whack of lube to rub in and massage.  Make him feel like his penis is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

Once your get around to the actual stroking of the penis, DONíT.  Well maybe a few strokes, but concentrate more on his penis head.  Use a swirling motion between with your fingers and palms.  Did we mention the lube thing?  Stick with massaging the head and every once in a while give him a couple of real good strokes and then go back to massaging the head.  This will absolutely drive him mad, donít be surprised is he is yelling out to stop.  Donít worry, he doesnít mean it.  Keep up this routine, massaging the head and then a couple of quick strokes until you feel him on the verge of letting go.  When the time comes, start stroking like that penis pump gone mad, and watch him blow.  Just be careful, because after working him up that much, you may be surprised how far he can really shoot with that gun of his.

To add a little something to your hand job try adding the accessories we mentioned.  The tickle of feathers, a vibrator on the testicles or the insertion of a finger or anal beads in the anus can put a man over the edge.