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White Wife Black Cock #6

Watch Movie Here

White Wife Black Cock 6 was a very enjoyable movie with a bevy of fine looking ladies thoroughly enjoying black cock, with just enough plot in it to make it interesting. 

It all starts with one of the white wives bringing a healing orb home to her white husband.  When she shows him her new found treasure, he brushes her off, telling her he thinks the orb sucks and proceeds to have a little nap.  After she sets the orb down on the coffee table beside him it does some strange things and he awakens finding he is now a black man.  After his wife recovers from the appearance of a black man in her house, she decides to take full advantage of having a new cock in the house and throws herself at him with wild abandon. 

Of course it doesn't end there as this newly formed black guy heads over to his buddy's place for a game of cards.  It turns out, his buddy's white wife takes a shine to this new black man in the neighborhood and his new and improved black cock.  The only problem here is that he has to knock out his buddy to have sex with his wife. 

Another highlight in White Wife Black Cock is when the husband of a beautiful white wife will not pay ransom for her dog that has been dognapped.  She, in exchange for being a little short, decides to take on a little black cock, which seems to be very enjoyable for both. 

Overall White Wife Black Cock was a great interracial movie with just enough of a storyline to it to make it quite interesting. 

To see White Wife Black Cock go our Movie Page, Click on Cantender's Videos then "Categories" and "Interracial" then "Caucasian Girls"