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Missionary Positions

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Designed to be worn while having intercourse


Everybody has heard of the missionary position and we think it just does not get the respect it deserves.  You have probably heard all the whining men do, my wife only will let me do her missionary style ect. ect.  Well guys, we hate to tell you but us women really enjoy this position. 
  • It allows couples to get very intimate by kissing and holding each other
  • It is a very comfortable position
  • It is very one on one
  • The penetration is very deep
  • The man is in control in this position and many women find it very exciting to be pounded hard through intercourse.  Men also find it very exciting to be told to fuck their lady harder
  • Various degrees of clitoris stimulation from the man's groin

standard missionary position

The woman lays flat with her legs either flat or raised in varying degrees. 

missionary position with knees up

Kissing and neck sucking really works here.  The woman can use her legs to draw her man in even closer.

womans legs wrapped around man in missionary positions

With the missionary position you can really get up close and personal.  She really has him tied in using both her arms and legs to draw him closer

front view missionary position

This is a great position for the woman as she can caress her man or pleasure herself by reaching in and playing with her clitoris. 

deep penetration

If the man is too heavy for her, he can take some of the pressure off by using his knees or elbows for support

legs straight up in the air missionary position

The woman can get deeper penetration by raising her legs up in the air, the higher her legs go the deeper the penetration. 

womans legs on mans shoulder in missionary position

If the woman gets aroused through nipple stimulation this is a great position for both the man and the woman to get in some breast play. 

man on top in missionary positon

Spreading her legs wide open allows the man good access to the woman's sweet spot and gives her lots of room to play with her clitoris

womans legs are closed in missionary position

If the woman closes her legs while in the missionary position it gives the man a real tight fit but may cause him to ejaculate a little quicker

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