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Howard Stern Makes Girls Famous

Many of the ladies that we have featured in our videos have made the big time by getting on The Howard Stern Show.  Here are just a few of the girls that Howard loves or appeared on his show.

Annie Cruz Sybian Rides 4 Ca$h - Annie Cruz is a porn star who loves riding the Sybian.  She likes using the dildo attachment and the clit stimulator.  After she did this video she was invited to the Howard Stern Show
Karina Fatt Entertainment Video Magazine Vol. 5 - Karina stars in this video and she is one of Howard Stern's favorite squirting porn star
Nicole Bass Man Handled - Nicole Bass who stars in this movie has been on Howard's show along with being on WWE wrestling
Marylin Star Marylin Whips Wall Street - Marylin Star is a well know porn star from wall street to the Howard Stern show. 
Shelly Jones Shelly Jones #1 - Shelly Jones has also appeared on the Howard Stern show as well as being featured in Playboy.  She also claims to be a member of the Mile High Club
Tabitha Stevens The Panties Are Off Now! - Tabitha Stevens is well known porn star who has made an appearance on the show
Jennifer Worthington Strap On Sally 12 - Squirting Dildo Soiree - Jennifer Worthington is a lesbian porn star who made an appearance on Howard Stern.s 1994 New Years Special. 
Andrea Brooke Ownbey Wild In Vegas - Occasionally Howard Sterns awards the title Miss Howard Stern to different woman.  Andrea Brooke Ownbey was crowned in 2002 and stars in this video
Kendra Jade Electric Dreams - Kendra Jade has appeared on both Stern's tv and radio shows.  She also once had a famous lover by the name of Jerry Springer